Years ago I had a dream that after a day of hunting snakes and mice, my little cat Topspin had wandered through the front door of my house with fur that was no longer grey and white, but instead was decorated plaid. A design of red, white, and blue – thick red stripes bordered by thin white lines set upon a blue background. Over the years I’ve been haunted by that dream, and ultimately decided to create my own kingdom inhabited by cats with coats of plaid that are all the colors of the rainbow. Fifty such cats accompanied by text comprise a collection of images I have created in a unique gift book I have written entitled Plaid Cats: The Best of their Breeds. Each page of the book presents an image of a plaid cat that was selected as “the best of its breed” accompanied by a brief description of that breed (which is tongue in cheek description of a cat breed as described in books for cat aficionados). My book (which is unique in its approach to dealing with the popular subject of cats) would be an appealing addition to the gift book market. The book will have great appeal to cat lovers, as well as to those who will be attracted to the unique colorful illustrations and humorous text. If you are an agent or publisher interested in the book, you can contact David Sheskin at

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